The “Home” Edition

Me: Wake up, no, let’s lie for another 5. Me: (10mins later) ok wake up –  you need to get up! Me: I am up! (walking straight to coffee machine). Me: freak! I forgot to set up the coffee [...]

Can you donate to our ____ (you fill in the blank?)

Recently I was coming out of my local grocery store, and two lovely children approached me with the blue eye’s that can swallow you up whole asking if I wanted to buy some whatever to help their [...]

Where’s My Lucky Charms?

It’s that time again, Olympics. As I sit and watch Olympians from all over the world, compete against peers and their personal best I find that one thing seems to resonate amongst them all. Do [...]

Control Freak, who me?

I never thought I was one, but lately, it seems to be an identifiable feature of my personality, when did that happen? I know that I wasn’t a complete freak in my twenties, moderately developed [...]

Alice and the Basics

As I sit in my office, there lurking in the back of my head is what the hell should I write about on my blog this month its due soon.  What is relevant, what haven’t I wrote about, and hey where [...]

Industry Evolvement

I have moments when my mind drifts back to my early hotel days.  A time when a client called to book a meeting, yes they called no emails or texts.   I would gather the details, put them on hold [...]

TLA’s Enough Already!

At some point in our careers we will be sitting at a table or engaging in a group conversation and out comes the industry acronyms. Inevitably, there is always that one person that rolls them out [...]