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Me: Wake up, no, let’s lie for another 5.

Me: (10mins later) ok wake up –  you need to get up!

Me: I am up! (walking straight to coffee machine).

Me: freak! I forgot to set up the coffee machine last night, urgh…

Me: ok, (making coffee, dog at my feet), “yes I will feed you once I get the damn coffee going….”

Me: (feed dog) …. I think its time for a new coffee machine it seems to be slower every day.  Stupid unit!

Me: Coffee ready, yes!  Ahhhh… (that first sip) …hello day.

Now, this sounds like any average person getting ready to head out the door for whatever fantastic job (if it isn’t – get your amazing job!) that it is you do every day.  But what I outlined above, is me pulling myself together for another day in my home-based office that resides exactly eight steps from my coffee machine.  I consider myself a veteran home based employee, starting year ten in fact and I got my morning mantra down to a complete science.

Now I am pretty sure that most home-based folks have a very similar morning story.  You will notice that I didn’t dive into the what happens after the first sip of coffee because that is where it varies.  There is some who proceed to shower, dress and slide into the office chair looking good enough for Brad Pitt to swing over.  Others will be very minimalistic. Throw some water on their face, a quick toothbrush swipe, maybe, glance in the mirror…good enough and slide in the office chair presenting the best and most comfy pajamas around.

After pulling this 10-year stint as the home-based employee, I am starting to see some “ism’s” or “cracks” in my bright personality.  I wasn’t aware of these until recently when my mom stopped by the house waiting for an appointment.  She kept trying to interrupt my conversations with myself, how rude!

Me: “I am not talking to you.”

Mom: Well then who are talking too?  Are you on the phone?

Me: No, I am talking to me and what is going on at this moment. I can’t believe this email!

Mom: Why?  Can’t you just think it in your head?

Me: No, I don’t know why I do this – I just do, this is normal I do it all the time!

Mom:  hmmm, did you read that somewhere? And not in of those blogs you write. hee hee…

Me: thanks, Mom, I don’t need any literature to tell me what’s normal or not – what time is your appointment?

Now, I am not sure if it is normal that home-based individuals can solve the most pressing matters through this out loud conversation performance, but it has proven useful for me.  I have also noticed that I have an incredible ability to block everything out and zone in specifically to a task – the house could be erupting behind my office chair, and I have no sense of it.   Details, well I possess super spidey senses for them. I notice everything from a missed “i” being dotted to a hairball hiding in the corner to a new bird flying into my backyard.  Working from home is not for the faint of heart, I think that you need to possess some quirkiness to be effective.  I have had many a conversation about the pros and cons; you have to know yourself and what makes you tick.

I think every employee has an ideal work environment that allows them to be the very best of themselves on the job.  For myself, it is home-based all the way. I find that when I get into an office environment, I turn into Wiley Coyote and my eyes are flipping around, my mouth starts dribbling out mindless chatter and my ability to focus becomes as remote as winning the lotto.  But working from home isn’t all that healthy at times either.  I find that I take next to zero sick days as it just seems silly when my office is so close – suck it up and work, it’s not like you have to drive there.  Every day and hour can become work time – Tuesday’s meld into Saturdays and 8 p.m. can arrive, and you had no idea that you just worked 12hrs.  You tend to work longer and harder as you somehow build in your head that your employer thinks you just did a marathon watch on Netflix today.  But in saying all this, I still wouldn’t change my situation and anyone that has done a home-based role for a number of years would likely agree.  To each our own and for my fellow one person conversation professionals: “Of course, I talk to myself – sometimes I need expert advice!”

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